CBDFLEX Full Spectrum Daily Hemp Oil


CBD: 1250mg/30mL = approx. 40mg/mL

Serving size: 1mL (1 dropper full)

Servings per container: approx. 30


CBDFlex is our proprietary formulation of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil made from the best hemp in the world designed with the Xtreme athlete in mind. Our fast-acting oil helps raise energy levels, lift away brain fog for razor-sharp focus and prevent the #1 hindrance to peak performance . . . inflammation.


Before you jump into the ring, start your engine, or push play on your playlist, flex your mind and body with CBDFLEX.

CBDFLEX Full Spectrum Daily 1250mg/30mL

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  • Take one (1) dropper full orally 1-2 times per day. 


    May be mixed with 4 - 6oz of your preferred drink to mask any unpleasant taste.


    Store in a dark, cool, dry place such as a cupboard or pantry. Exposure to excessive heat, light, and moisture may cause evaporation and degradation of the oil, reducing its shelf life.